27 February 2012

41st Croatian Seminar for Foreign Slavic Studies Students

Dear colleagues and students, the 41st Croatian Seminar for Foreign Slavic Studies Students will be held in Dubrovnik from 20th August to 31st August 2012. By attending lectures, and by participating in language exercise courses and seminars of their own choice, our participants will be given the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the Croatian language and to study various linguistic, literary, historical and cultural topics. Further information on the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies and the 41st Seminar is available on our website.

I am looking forward to meeting Croatian and Slavic Studies students and colleagues from all over the world and I take this opportunity to invite you to Dubrovnik to the 41st seminar of the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies.

Krešimir Mićanović, Ph.D.,
Head of the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies


Zagreb School of Slavic Studies (Croatian Seminar for Foreign Slavic Studies Students) is organized by the Department of Croatian Studies, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb.


The School's participants are foreign students of Croatian and Slavic Studies, lecturers (professors, senior assistants with a PhD and teaching/research assistants) who teach Croatian language and literature at foreign universities, experts who specialize in Croatian Studies in different research institutions, as well as translators of the Croatian language. The majority of participants are awarded scholarships by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia. However, persons who are prepared to cover the expenses of the seminar and the two-week stay in Dubrovnik can take part in the seminar.

Should a person choose to pay for his or her own participation, the fees for the full programme (lectures, cultural events, lodging and all meals included at the Hotel Lero) are 1,500 Euros while fees covering only the participation in classes and the cultural programme are 600 Euros. For more information, contact the Organization board.