27 February 2012

41st Seminar: Useful Information

Arrival and Departure

The participants of the 42nd Seminar of Zagreb School of Slavic Studies are expected to arrive in Dubrovnik, at the Lero Hotel, on Sunday, 18th August 2013. The programme will begin, as scheduled, on Monday morning (ceremonial opening of the Seminar and the introductory lecture). Language exercise courses and seminars will begin on Tuesday. The Seminar will finish on Friday, 30th August 2013. The participants' departure is scheduled for Saturday, 31st August 2013.

A regular bus line connects the Dubrovnik Airport with the City’s historical core (bus stop Pile) or the main bus terminal. Bus line 4 from Pile or bus line 7 from the main terminal will take you directly to the Lero Hotel.

The School does not cover any travel expenses (arrival in Dubrovnik and departure); participants need to cover these costs.


The participants will be placed in double and triple rooms (all meals included) in the Hotel Lero, Iva Vojnovića 14. The School will cover the expenses of the 13-day-long hotel accommodation for scholarship holders. Please bear in mind that this exclusively refers to the period from 18th August (Sunday) to 31th August (Saturday) 2013. Participants who arrive prior to 18th August or depart after 31th August will need to pay the extra hotel expenses.

The programme of the Seminar (language exercise courses, seminars, lectures, facultative programme, and cultural events) will in most part take place in the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies Dubrovnik, Frana Bulića 4 which is situated within a fifteen-minute walking distance from the Hotel Lero.

Certificates of Attendance

The participants of the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies are required to participate in the programme (regularly attend language exercise courses and seminars they have selected as well as the lectures, cultural events, field trips, etc.). At the end of the course, participants who fulfil these prerequisites will receive a Certificate of Attendance signed by the School's Head and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The Certificate will include information on the types of language exercise courses/seminars attended, for which participants will be awarded 3 ECTS points.


The participants who require a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia should obtain one on time in order to avoid late starts. The Zagreb School of Slavic Studies cannot mediate in the visa obtaining process and cannot issue affidavit letters.

Health insurance

We recommend that the participants obtain international health insurance in their own countries, which will allow them, if necessary, to receive adequate international medical care. The Zagreb School of Slavic Studies cannot be responsible for the health of its participants, nor can it cover the costs of their medical treatments if required.

Organization Board

Tvrtko Vuković, Ph.D., Head of the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies
Tatjana Pišković, Ph.D., Deputy Coordinator
Lana Molvarec, Programme Assistant
Božena Jurčić, Financial Secretary
Nevenka Vručina, Administrative Secretary