8 February 2014

Programme of the 43rd Seminar

The School applies the following educational methods for the specialization of foreign Croatian Studies students: language exercise courses/seminars, theme cycles of lectures, facultative programme, cultural events and field trips. Lecturers, language exercise course and seminar teachers, as well as programme coordinators are in most part members of the Department of Croatian Studies, but also lecturers from other departments of the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as lecturers of the University of Zagreb and other Croatian universities.

Module A: Compulsory Language Exercise Courses / Seminars

Language exercise courses and seminars are organized in the form of compressed university courses. Participants are grouped into language exercise courses according to their knowledge of the Croatian language. The courses are designed to further improve certain grammatical, conversational and other skills necessary for everyday as well as expert communication in the Croatian language.

Participants who have full linguistic competence can attend seminars. They cover selected literary and comparative topics.

Each student can participate in one compulsory language exercise course or seminar from the seven listed below.

Language exercise courses

1. Croatian for beginners (level A1)
2. Conversation I (levels A2+ B1)
3. Conversation II (level B2)
4. Conversation III (level C1 + C2)
5. Linguistic seminar


6. Croatian literature I
7. Croatian literature II

The beginner's language exercise course lasts 4 hours a day and other compulsory language exercise courses and seminars last 3 hours a day.

Module B: Elective Language Exercise Course / Seminar

Apart from the compulsory language exercise courses / seminars students may take up one elective course from the two offered below:

  1. Old Slavic and Old Croatian language (Glagolitic paleography)
  2. Croatian history and culture

The elective courses last 1 hour a day.

Module C: Lectures

The lectures on the Croatian literature, culture and language are organized around the topic of resistance. Twelve structured lectures given by prominent experts from different fields will rethink the concept of resistence in the symbolic practices of the Croatian literature, culture and language in the diachronic and synchronic perspective and question its role, achievements and limitations, challenges and paradoxes in the aforementioned practices. By articulating the problem from the perspective of interdisciplinary and historical diversity, the concept of resistance will be approached beyond the obstinant dichotomy „resistance-compliance“ or the seductive „uncritical celebration“ of resistance. This articulation tends to emphasize the need for a more complex cartography of the space between utter compliance and utter resistance in the domestic context. We hope that by articulating the topic of resistance in this fashion we will contribute to a better understanding of the social, historical and political aspects of the literary, cultural, linguistic and other social practices as well as our own position in the complex and dynamic social and historical courses.

The cycle of lectures on resistance is concieved and coordinated by the senior research assistant Maša Kolanović, Ph.D. and the associate professor Krešimir Mićanović, Ph.D.

Module D: Facultative Programme

The facultative programme will take place in the afternoons and will include the screenings of short films, feature films and documentary films which deal with the topic of resistance. The programme will also include organized sightseeing tours of the City of Dubrovnik and the participants who are interested in the Croatian film will have the opportunity to enroll in the film workshop.

Module E: Cultural Events

Apart from the location-specific lectures on Croatian cultural tradition, the School's participants will have an opportunity to meet contemporary Croatian writers and authors as well as attend music and film nights. These events will introduce the School's participants to the recent cultural developments and inform them of Croatian literary, artistic and cultural contemporariness.

Daily schedule during the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies Seminar

Elective language exercise course / seminar (module B) 8:00–8:45
Compulsory language exercise course / seminar (module A) 8:50–11:30
Lecture (module C) 11:45–12:45
Facultative programme (module D) 17:00–18:30
Evening programme – cultural events (module E) 21:00

Field trips

Field trips are a natural sequence of the aforementioned events. They are thematically conceived and are organized by expert guides. Since the School takes place in Dubrovnik, a field trip will take participants to the Elafit islands.