8 February 2014

43rd Seminar: Application Process

All candidates who apply for the 43rd seminar – regardless whether it is via the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of the parent country, Croatian language teacher at the parent university or if the candidate addresses the Administration of the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies directly – are required to send a filled out application form to the School’s E-mail slavisticka.skola@ffzg.hr by 15th May 2014.

The application process is complete when the candidate is personally contacted by the programme assistant of the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies (at his/her E-mail address) and sent a confirmation letter as proof that his/her application form has been accepted and the candidate has been registered as a participant of the 41st seminar of the Zagreb School of Slavic Studies. Without written confirmation, the candidate's application will not be considered valid.

Should a person choose to pay for his or her own participation, the fees for the full programme (tuition, cultural events, lodging and all meals included at the Hotel Lero) are 1,500 Euros while fees covering only the tuition and the cultural programme are 600 Euros. For more information contact the Organization board.